Zines, short for magazines or fanzines, are compilations of photography, illustration, writing and other media, often self-published, self-circulated by the artist, around a particular theme or topic/topics. They are nostalgic in all the best ways; a tangible, physical piece of art that captures a moment, a community, an aesthetic.

Given that my personal work is primarily themed around documentation, nostalgia, community and nature, it seemed appropriate to accompany my first gallery exhibit with a zine that expanded on the themes of the show. Below, you will find the digital copy of to canberra, with love, as well as a preview of upcoming zine projects.


to canberra, with love

to canberra, with love is the accompanying zine to my exhibition of the same name, premiered at RAW Canberra in May 2018. The exhibition, and the zine, explore my complicated relationship with Canberra as the city I have lived in for half my life. In revisiting the sites of key moments in my life, and iconic parts of the city, this zine captures a journey of nostalgia, joy and pain.

Click here to download to canberra, with love.

as-yet-untitled japan zine

My upcoming Japan zine is an reflection of 2 weeks traveling the main island of Japan in 2017. It will be available in print and digital copies. The zine will comprise of a collection of writing, photos and illustrations.