thinking visually: urban photography

For the first Module in Thinking Visually, (a course I am already enjoying a lot!) we worked on Urban Photography. I must be honest that when I headed out on a Sunday afternoon in Canberra, I was not in the best mood. I was tired, and I wanted nothing more than to be at home, reading a book, with a cup of tea and a cat on my lap, just as my wife was doing at home.

However, I was surprised that I actually ended up really enjoying this activity. I felt a little subconscious, particularly at first, in heading out and taking photos in public, on my own. However I got used to it, and I ended up with some photos I was quite happy with. Check them out below!

I really wanted to capture my experience of Canberra in these images. Despite being a weekend, and a long weekend at that, I encountered very few people in my travels. Canberra is a sleepy town (many say it is not a city at all, but just a large country town - I’d have to agree). I wanted to capture that essence of Canberra in these photos - a little quirky, a little run down, and nice and quiet.