colour management and workflow : module one

Well, it’s another semester and I am back in my diploma of photo imaging! This semester I am taking Colour Management & Workflow and Media & Documentary. These classes both look really interesting, so i’m looking forward to digging into them.

This week in Colour Management & Workflow, we looked at some of the basics of the subject - introducing colour spaces, profiles, bit depth and a whole host of other technical considerations for a photographer.

This is an area of photography I’ll guiltily admit to not being as on top of as other areas, so I think I will learn a lot in this class!

Step one this week in our learning activities was to do some research on colour management tools for photographers. I’ve done up a little “wish list” below of cool tools to calibrate your tech!

  • Colour Checker Passport - (quick, cheap and easy profiling)

  • i1 Display Pro - (professional display profiling)

  • i1 Photographer kit - (combines the two above)

  • Spyder5 Capture Pro - (kit for photographers, includes calibration tools for camera and display)

  • SpyderPrint - (printer calibration)

CMYK (in colour) vs Adobe RGB (in white)

CMYK (in colour) vs Adobe RGB (in white)

We also had a look at the Mac ColorSync utility (which, I’ll be honest, I don’t think I have ever opened on my mac - at least not on purpose!!). We had a look at how each of the different profiles compared to each other. The one that surprised me the most was Adobe RGB compared to CMYK - I’m used to uploading images for print at Officeworks, etc and being asked to switch from Adobe RGB to CMYK - I assumed that meant it was a better profile. It is good to unpack these assumptions I had previously made and understand the process better!