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For those who aren’t in Australia, this post, and its title, may not make a lot of sense! Here in Australia, a country-wide radio station called Triple J hosts an annual “hottest 100” - a countdown of public-voted picks from the music released and played on their station in the previous year.

Since I started dating my wife, I’ve listened more and more to the station and to the Hottest 100 as well. This is only my second year actually voting in the poll, and it’s a surprisingly difficult task! Each voter picks only 10 songs as their top songs, so narrowing down your faves to just 10 is quite a task.

This year, I thought I’d go through my top ten and explain a little about why it made the cut, as well as sharing my shortlisted top 30, to give you all more of an idea of my music taste (and maybe even introduce you to something, as a few of my picks are Aussie artists!).

the wombats - turn

I’ve been a fan of the Wombats since - gosh, probably since I was 16 or 17. For me, they are a brilliant mix of nostalgia and just a damn good tune. turn is one of the best tracks from their latest album, beautiful people will ruin your life. It has the classic Wombats sound, with a 2018 edge to it. It’s an absolutely banger, and I could listen to it 100 times over. If it doesn’t make Top 20, I’ll be disappointed in the Australian population.

amy shark - i said hi

Amy Shark is an absolute force in Australian music at the moment. I was lucky enough to see her live at Splendour in the Grass this year and she was brilliant live, as expected. I Said Hi is one of her pop-ier sounding songs but it is differentiated by her unique voice. It’s a great song to bop along to in the car, while cooking or while you’re kicking goals, flipping off your doubters.


Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve heard of BROCKHAMPTON, and in particular how ace their latest album, irisdescence, is. NEW ORLEANS is my favourite track from this album, it’s the ultimate pump-up song. You can’t not dance to this.

chvrches - miracle

Oh, CHVRCHES, how I do adore you. If you haven’t heard Lauren Mayberry live, book yourself a ticket to their next gig near you - you won’t regret it. CHVRCHES get synth pop 100% perfect. The combination of amazing vocals, great lyrics and spot-on hooks makes every album a banger from start to finish. I think I’ve listened to Miracle at least 1,000 times since it came out earlier this year. At. least.

kendrick lamar & sza - all the stars

There is literally nothing I don’t like about this song, or about this album - or, in fact, the movie it is inspired by/from, Black Panther. The music video is freaking excellent, too. The combination of Sza and Kendrick is literally everything - and given that Humble made no. 1 in the Hottest 100 of 2017, I wouldn’t be surprised if this made it to top 10 at least. It’s brilliant, there’s not much more to say!

king princess - 1950

Ah, King Princess. The queer indie icon we don’t deserve. This song is just perfect. It mixes nostalgia (which I am a sucker for) with amazing queer lyrics. If this song had been around when I was pining for my now-wife, it may have killed me. This song says so much with so few words, it’s simply beautiful.

methyl ethel - scream whole

Add “hear this song live” to your bucket list - you won’t regret it! My god, the lyrics, the vocals, the melody - there’s nothing that isn’t perfect about this song. There’s something about singing this song in your car that is good for the soul.

odette - take it to the heart

I hadn’t heard of Odette for much of last year - when I heard her song Collide just before I voted for the last Hottest 100 I knew it had to be in my top ten, even at such short notice. Her whole album is brilliant from start to finish, and she deserves so much success. Her way with words is stunning, and her sound is completely unique. If you haven’t heard of her, you must listen to her album. It’s one of those albums that is just as brilliant as a whole work of art as it is each individual song.

the rubens - never ever (ft. sarah)

This little gem nearly didn’t make my top 10 this year as it was released so early in the year and received relatively little airplay later in the year. Sarah’s vocals however are just the perfect fit for Rubens frontman Sammuel Margin. There’s something a little raw, a little unpolished, about their combined voices and the relatively simple melody which gives this song the huge emotional punch that it packs. Once you hear it once, it’ll be in your head for days, and your heart for even longer.

post malone & swae lee - sunflower

You still with me? Okay, cause this is our last track! This gem from the Spider-man: Into the Spider-verse soundtrack was just an instant earworm for me. Like Black Panther, this soundtrack is absolutely pure gold from start to finish, but for me Sunflower was the stand out track. This song is a perfect low-energy bop for summer, and the perfect way to end this list.

There you have it! If you’re still with me, I commend you.

If you’re interested, I’ve included my complete 30 shortlist below from the Apple Music playlist I made.

Now, tell me! What are your picks for your top ten of 2018? Do you vote in the hottest 100? Let me know in the comments.

Till next time!