2018 resolutions

If there's one thing in the world I need to do, it is learn to be more accountable to myself. I'm terrible at this. I frequently set myself goals, even small ones (say, get up 10 minutes earlier) but fail completely at follow through. When I am accountable to somebody (client, boss, even my wife) - I'm great. I follow through, to an almost intense extent. But when it is just to myself, I don't put the effort I should to follow through with my goals - be they big or small. In an effort to improve this, I've decided to review my 2017 resolutions, see how I did, and set some resolutions for 2018. Here we go.

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2017 | a reflection

And then, it was December. December passed in a blur – watching gay marriage be legalised live in Parliament House, attempting VLOGMAS, making and buying presents, working and editing like crazy. In the week before Christmas we were invited on my brother in law’s family houseboat. And if you’ve never swam in a nearly deserted lake, surrounded by mountains – let me say, it’s one to add to the bucket list.

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