media and documentary: photo essay ideas

This trimester, in addition to my Colour Management class, I am taking a Media and Documentary photography class. This is an area of photography I don’t know all that well, but I’m very interested in. I have certainly enjoyed the class materials so far!

This week, we have to present two ideas for our main project, a photo essay. I am thinking of two quite different projects. The first is a focus on queer Australia, what it looks like to be young and belong to the LGBTQIA+ community in in Canberra in 2019. I’m a queer woman myself, and so this is of course of great interest to me. Canberra has a very vibrant queer community so I think I would have a lot of possible subjects for this particular essay, however the thing that is holding me back the most is the social interaction required - it would make me very anxious, and it would also rely on finding subjects and them actually showing up to a shoot.

The second idea is to focus on the role of the library in 2019. My wife is a librarian, so this is also a very relevant subject for me. I like the idea of re-imagining the traditional view of the library as a stuffy, boring, academic space which is exclusive and instead focus on the community-building, lively, safe spaces that they really are for a lot of the community. Since my wife started working at the National Library, I have spent a lot of my study time in their reading rooms, or in local public libraries. I have come to learn how important they are to many people and what an undervalued resource they are.

Overall, I am leaning towards my second option. I think overall it would be more practical in the time given, and it would also be a subject I could expand upon later. Queer issues have been all over the media lately and I am concerned that I wouldn’t necessarily have anything new to say in that space. I think the library option gives me more room to be creative and say something with my work!

What do you think?

colour management and workflow : module one

Well, it’s another semester and I am back in my diploma of photo imaging! This semester I am taking Colour Management & Workflow and Media & Documentary. These classes both look really interesting, so i’m looking forward to digging into them.

This week in Colour Management & Workflow, we looked at some of the basics of the subject - introducing colour spaces, profiles, bit depth and a whole host of other technical considerations for a photographer.

This is an area of photography I’ll guiltily admit to not being as on top of as other areas, so I think I will learn a lot in this class!

Step one this week in our learning activities was to do some research on colour management tools for photographers. I’ve done up a little “wish list” below of cool tools to calibrate your tech!

  • Colour Checker Passport - (quick, cheap and easy profiling)

  • i1 Display Pro - (professional display profiling)

  • i1 Photographer kit - (combines the two above)

  • Spyder5 Capture Pro - (kit for photographers, includes calibration tools for camera and display)

  • SpyderPrint - (printer calibration)

CMYK (in colour) vs Adobe RGB (in white)

CMYK (in colour) vs Adobe RGB (in white)

We also had a look at the Mac ColorSync utility (which, I’ll be honest, I don’t think I have ever opened on my mac - at least not on purpose!!). We had a look at how each of the different profiles compared to each other. The one that surprised me the most was Adobe RGB compared to CMYK - I’m used to uploading images for print at Officeworks, etc and being asked to switch from Adobe RGB to CMYK - I assumed that meant it was a better profile. It is good to unpack these assumptions I had previously made and understand the process better!

new years pressures

new years pressures

Every year, we think we’ll be different in the next.

And in some ways, we are. New jobs, new life experiences, new travel, new family members - they all change us, make us better, sometimes make us worse, versions of ourselves. I’ve been guilty, ever year to date, of thinking “next year will be different”.

In 20XX, I will… lose weight, be more productive, nap less, drink less Coke…

You name it, I’ve made it a resolution.

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